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Requests for Changes/Enhancements / Re: Suggestion
Last post by TimDaniel - March 03, 2024, 08:25:32 PM
More clarification is needed here, is this the student's performance over time to demonstrate whether they are improving or not?
Increased to 10.  Sorry for the delay. 
Requests for Changes/Enhancements / Re: Curricular Competencies
Last post by TimDaniel - March 03, 2024, 08:17:36 PM
This has been fixed - there was a bug preventing the extra categories from being shown.  The process is described here:

How Do I Get More Categories
How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Get More Assignment C...
Last post by TimDaniel - March 03, 2024, 05:31:19 PM
If you need more assignment categories, just fill the column and submit the changes.  More empty ones will appear at the bottom of the list. Also works for Terms.

Because of a request from another teacher, this is a timely request.

It is now possible to mark both percentage/letter grade and performance scale assignments with "Complete"  There is a note on how to do this here:

Completion Grades
How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Enter Completion Grad...
Last post by TimDaniel - March 03, 2024, 11:53:18 AM
Completion grades have several uses.  They can be used to track situations where a student completed an assignment too late for assessment, tracking non-assessed tasks, or tracking submission of permission forms.  Completion grades are not included in the determination of overall grades - they are treated as excused. 

If an entire assignment is to be treated as a Completion assignment, such as handing in permission forms, teachers need to decide if they want it to appear on assessment reports and missing task reports.  To exclude it from reports, make the assignment a hidden assignment using the checkbox in the assignment settings, otherwise it will appear.

Note that a grade of Complete can be assigned to any assessment, whether the entire assignment is a completion assignment or not.  It is then treated as an excused assignment. This is a way to communicate to students and parents that an assignment was handed in, but not assessed.

Percentage/Letter Grade Classes
If making a completion assignment, best practice is to make the total points zero. The assignment can optionally be hidden from students using the Hidden checkbox.


Completion grades are entered by typing COMP into the grade box for each student as shown below. 

Performance Scale Classes (Simplegradebook Pro Only)

If making a completion assignment, it is best practice to select the Practice Assignment checkbox in the assignment.

Completion grades are selected from the dropdown list available by right-clicking in the grade box, or from the radio button in the grading popup that appears when clicking on the grade box.

Requests for Changes/Enhancements / Add a checklist for submitted ...
Last post by Rick Legrow - March 03, 2024, 05:20:36 AM
Hi there,

Just a suggestion to add a way for teachers to click a check box for an assignment stating that it is completed instead of having to enter a grade in. For some of the assignments that do not have a grade attached (or returned permission forms), it would be nice to check off a box in the column to show that it was submitted. Or if you can enter a code to say it was complete.

How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Enter an Insufficient...
Last post by TimDaniel - February 28, 2024, 11:17:45 PM
For Percentage or Letter Grade classes, clicking Enter beside the student's name in the Grade column provides access to the Override Student Grade field.


Enter the text that describes the student's grade in the field, and it will appear as entered in all reports across Simplegradebook.


For Performance Scale classes the process is the same, but the IE grade is accessed from the grade dropdown as shown below.  Note: the IE grade will only be available when the BC Standard performance scale is selected in the class settings.


In both cases, the IE grade will now appear on reports as shown below:



How Do I For Parents/Students / How Do I Delete My Account?
Last post by TimDaniel - October 18, 2023, 11:11:46 PM
Any Simplegradebook user can delete their account.  Just log in, and go to the My Simplegradebook link on the main menu and click on Profile.  Near the bottom of the Profile page, there is a button to click that will delete your account.

When you click the delete button, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete your account.

When a student or parent account is deleted, all the information about the user is deleted, including messages sent to teachers from that account, but the grades associated with the student or students that were linked to the user account are not deleted. 

That's it!  We hope you had a good experience using Simplegradebook - if not, please let us know at

Requests for Changes/Enhancements / Curricular Competencies
Last post by Derkson - October 16, 2023, 12:08:20 PM
If we could add more Assignment Categories we could make it work with the new BC Curricular Competencies.  Assignments could then be separated by Assignment Category to show grade per category.